If you are interested in attending Boise State University and joining our Rugby Program? Connect with one of our officers to get more information!

  • President- Tim Huss:
  • Vice President- Cody Leeper:
  • Treasurer- Chris Costa:
  • Secretary- Jacob French:
  • Recruiting- Charles Hubbard:


If you're a 2018 High School Graduate, now is the time to start looking into scholarship opportunities at Boise State University!!


Scholarship opportunities available for out of state students (BOTH HIGH SCHOOL GRADS AND TRANSFER STUDENTS) at Boise State University! 

GEM, WUE & Treasure Scholarships for Nonresident Students. (CLICK HERE for information)


Admissions Applications must be submitted to Boise State University by Dec. 15th of your senior year (or the year prior to transferring from another University).  Scholarships awarded can range in value from $7,000-$15,000.                                                                                                      
Feel free to contact us if you have questions. see officer listings above.


PRESIDENTIAL, DEAN'S & TRUE BLUE Scholarships for Idaho Residents.  (CLICK HERE for information)

In addition to Presidential, Dean's and True Blue Scholarships there are many scholarships available through Boise State University and private agencies (for a list of Private Scholarships, click here), our advice is to review the available scholarships and apply for anything you qualify for!


GEM and Treasure Scholarships are available to International Students.  See the GEM and Treasure information on the link under Nonresident Students.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP- This scholarship is not one that the Boise State Rugby program can offer, but is available for international students to apply for.  It is the same value as the GEM Scholarship, but carries a lower GPA requirement.


If you are interested in earning a scholarship to attend Boise State University, contact one of our club officers.  We are excited to have scholarship opportunities available for student/athletes looking to continue their education and Rugby career at Boise State! 

Additional links:

Click here for the Boise State Admissions page.

Click here to apply to Boise State University.

Click here to access the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).